We try to keep our documentation as readable as possible but it is unavoidable to have to use some technical terms and acronyms. They are explained throughout the various manuals and documents but they are also summarized here alphabetically in case you need a refresher.

Accelerometer, an inertial sensor that measures acceleration in three dimensions.
Activity index, expressed in g (gravity) units, as derived from an ACC Signal.
Beats-per-minute, typically used as a unit for HR.
Breaths-per-minute, typically used as a unit for RR.
Byteflies Cloud
A secure data storage and processing system for data recorded by Sensor Dots.
Byteflies Kit
The collective name for all components of the CE medical device and its accessories.
A Sensor Dot can record two biopotential Signals simultaneously and has two pairs of electrode connectors that each form a Channel.
Clinical Insight
An interpretation of sample-level (raw) Signal data. For instance heart rate derived from ECG.
Docking Station
A component that can charge up to 5 Sensor Dots and provide a secure communication gateway to the Byteflies Cloud to upload recorded data.
Electrocardiography, a biopotential measurement of the electrical activity of the heart.
Electroencephalography, a biopotential measurement of the electrical activity of the brain.
Electromyography, a biopotential measurement of the electrical activity of a skeletal muscle.
Electrooculography, a biopotential measurement of eye movement.
Any biopotential signal.
A Group combines one or more Docking Stations that are assigned to a specific study.
Gyroscope, an inertial sensor that measures angular velocity in three dimensions.
Heart rate, expressed in beats-per-minute, as derived from an ECG Signal.
Instructions for Use, a user manual for a medical device.
Inertial Measurement Unit, referring to the combination of ACC and GYR to record motion-related information.
An indication if the electrodes of the corresponding biopotential channel are connected.
Patient ID
A unique string used to identify a study subject.
Patient Record
A list of pre-configured Patient IDs and the hardware they are associated with.
The combination of all data recorded by a single Sensor Dot is grouped in a Recording.
Respiratory rate, expressed in breaths-per-minute, as derived from an ECG Signal.
Sensor Dot
A 2-channel biopotential and tri-axial inertial measurement device, indicated for recording electroencephalography (EEG), electrocardiography (ECG), electromyography (EMG), electrooculography (EOG), acceleration (ACC), and angular velocity (GYR).
Sensor Patch
An interface between Sensor Dot and the body.
A physiologic or motion signal, as recorded by a Sensor Dot (e.g. ECG).
Trained Operator
A healthcare professional trained in the usage of Byteflies Kits and its accessories.
A patient or subject with a clinical need for biopotential and/or motion monitoring and/or their caregiver.
User Account
A Byteflies Cloud account that can contain one or more Groups and can only be accessed with a specific username and password.

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