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Technical Specifications (Accessories)

CE mark

Table of contents
  1. 2-Snap Cradle
  2. ECG Adhesive
  3. Cradle Adhesive

2-Snap Cradle

Dimensions 27.87 x 66.2 x 7.35 mm
11-pin connector Gold (Au) plated
Female snap button Nickel (Ni) plated
Casing Polycarbonate (biocompatible*)
Weight 9.9 grams

ECG Adhesive

All Materials Biocompatible*
Electrode distance 150 mm
Electrode diameter 20 mm
Electrode type Ag/AgCl
Male snap button Stainless steel
Wear time Up to 72 hours

Cradle Adhesive

All Materials Biocompatible*
Dimensions 41 x 50 mm

*All biocompatible materials were tested according to ISO 10993-5:2009 (Test for in vitro cytotoxicity) and ISO 10993-10:2010 (Tests for irritation and skin sensitization).

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