Troubleshooting & FAQ


My Docking Station is not turning on or its LED is red
Follow these steps.
My Sensor Dot is not turning on
Follow these steps.
The LED on one of my Sensor Dots is red
Stop using that Sensor Dot and contact support. You may have reached the maximum number of allowed battery cycles.
How long will the battery in a Sensor Dot last?
When fully charged, a Sensor Dot should last for at least 24 hours in recording mode.
How long will it take to charge a Sensor Dot?
Completely charging a fully depleted Sensor Dot will take approximately 3 hours.
How do I reset a Docking Station?
Press the reset button on the back of the Docking Station for 10 seconds to restore factory settings. All settings and stored recordings will be permanently deleted.
How do I switch a Docking Station or Sensor Dot off?
Disconnect the Docking Station from power by unplugging the power adapter. Any docked Sensor Dots will power off as well.
My patient's skin is irritated underneath or near an adhesive
Contact Byteflies support.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Byteflies support.

Any serious incident that has occurred in relation to the device should be reported to the manufacturer and the competent authority of the Member State in which the user and/or patient is established.

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