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Technical Specifications (Byteflies Kit)

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Table of contents
  1. Technical Specifications (Byteflies Kit)
    1. Sensor Dot
    2. Docking Station

Sensor Dot

Battery life 24 hours
Battery specifications Lithium polymer, 3.7V, 65mAh
Dimensions 24.5 x 33.5 x 7.73 mm
Weight 6.3 grams
Casing Polycarbonate (biocompatible*)
Indicator Lens ABS (biocompatible*)
11-pin connector Gold (Au) plated
Biopotential amplifier  
Type of biopotential recorder Holter, ambulatory biopotential recorder
Number of channels 2
Recording format Continuous
Sampling rate 250 Hz per channel
Resolution 24-bit
Input impedance 10 GOhm
11-pin connector Gold (Au) plated
Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)  
Type of motion Acceleration (ACC) and gyroscope (GYR)
Number of channels Tri-axial ACC and tri-axial GYR
Default range ACC: ± 8 g; GYR: ± 1000 degrees/sec
Recording format Continuous
Sampling rate Up to 200 Hz per channel
Resolution 16-bit
Axes orientation

Docking Station

Power specifications Input: 5 V (DC), 1.2 A
Output: 5 x (5V (DC), 35 mA)
Dimensions 123 x 123 x 50 mm
Weight 170 grams
Casing Polycarbonate (biocompatible*)
5 x 11-pin connector Gold (Au) plated

*All biocompatible materials were tested according to ISO 10993-5:2009 (Test for in vitro cytotoxicity) and ISO 10993-10:2010 (Tests for irritation and skin sensitization).

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