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Instructions for Use for your Byteflies Kit

Welcome to the Byteflies Help Center! Please use the sections below or the sidebar to navigate around. In case you cannot find what you’re looking for, please check our contact page.

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For legal and safety information, go here:
Regulatory Information

For basic information on the daily usage of a Byteflies Kit, go here:
Information for Patients

For in-depth information on Byteflies Kits and the Byteflies Cloud, go here:
Information for Healthcare Professionals

For technical information on data processing and visualization, and API usage, go here:
Information for Researchers & Developers

All documents are labeled at the top to clearly communicate their intent:

CE mark

This part of the documentation is covered by a medical device CE mark.

Investigational Use Only

This part of the documentation describes information that can be used by trained healthcare professionals only under an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) or similar institutional approval.


This part of the documentation is provided for your convenience. It is not covered by a regulatory clearance or an an investigational use case.

Additionally, certain document sections are labeled as follows:

… to indicate they contain official warnings and safety instructions for using your Byteflies Kit.

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