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Troubleshooting & FAQ


If you have a medical emergency, contact your local emergency services!

My Docking Station is not turning on
Follow these steps.
My Sensor Dot is not turning on
Follow these steps.
The LED on the back of my Docking Station is red
Follow these steps.
The LED on one of my Sensor Dots is red
Stop using that Sensor Dot and contact your healthcare provider or support.
My skin is irritated underneath or near the Patch
Contact your healthcare provider or support.
My Sensor Dot fell out of the cradle
Verify that the LED is still blinking green and place it back in the cradle.
I disconnected electrodes from the 4-wire Cradle
If you received specific instructions to reconnect/reapply them, follow those instructions. Otherwise, contact support.
How long will the battery in a Sensor Dot last?
When fully charged, a Sensor Dot should last for at least 24 hours in recording mode.
How long will it take to charge a Sensor Dot?
Completely charging a fully depleted Sensor Dot will take approximately 3 hours.
Should I clean my Byteflies Kit?
You don't have to, but if you think it is necessary you can wipe down the components with a clean, dry cloth. Never use liquids. When in doubt, please contact your healthcare provider.
Is my data secure?
Byteflies follows very strict security guidelines. If you'd like to learn more about what we do with your data, see the Privacy & Data Rights section.

You should always try to contact your healthcare provider or study staff first in case of non-urgent issues. If that did not work or is not possible, you can contact Byteflies support directly.

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