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Motion Patch

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Table of contents
  1. Motion Patch


Motion Patch

The Motion Patch is a sandwich of:

  1. Sensor Dot
  2. Motion Cradle
  3. Cradle Adhesive

To assemble a Motion Patch:

  • Peel the plastic liner off a Cradle Adhesive and firmly press the bottom of the Motion Cradle on the exposed sticky part.
  • Peel the protective liner off the other side of the Cradle Adhesive and apply to your skin as indicated by your healthcare provider.
  • Place the Sensor Dot in the Motion Cradle, with the gold-colored pins facing down.

The illustration below shows a configuration with two Motion Patches which can be used to get accurate measurements on how you are walking and your general activity patterns. This is just one of many possible configurations, please follow the instructions from healthcare provider carefully!

Motion Patch mounted on upper right arm and left ankle.

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