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Motion Patch

Investigational Use Only

Table of contents
  1. Brain Patch


Brain Patch

The Brain Patch can be a sandwich of:

  1. Sensor Dot
  2. 4-wire Cradle
  3. Cradle Adhesive
  4. EEG Adhesive or 3rd party EEG electrodes

To assemble a Brain Patch with a 4-wire Cradle and EEG Adhesive:

It is unlikely you need to perform all the steps described below yourself. Your healthcare provider should have done most of these for you and provided you with additional information. When in doubt them, contact them!

  • Peel the plastic liner off a Cradle Adhesive and firmly press the bottom of the 4-wire Cradle on the exposed sticky part.
  • Attach 2 or 4 electrode leads to the 4-wire Cradle.
  • Attach 2 electrode leads to an EEG Adhesive. Repeat if you were instructed to use two EEG Adhesives.
  • Peel the protective liner off the EEG Adhesive(s) and apply behind an ear. Take care to not let any hair get under the adhesive.
  • Peel the protective liner off the other side of the Cradle Adhesive and apply to the back of your neck or as indicated by your healthcare provider.
  • Place the Sensor Dot in the Motion Cradle, with the gold-colored pins facing down.

The illustration below shows a configuration that can be used to record information on your brain function.

If you are using 3rd party EEG electrodes instead of EEG Adhesives, simply adjust step 3 and 4.

EEG adhesives or other electrodes placed behind the ears and Brain Patch at the back of the neck.

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